Merrionette Park History

1940-41 James Merrion built 125 Single family homes in unincorporated Cook County on property known as Van Latens Farm.  The original Merrionette Park was bound by the Grand Truck railroad tracks on the east, and Troy and Kedzie on the west.  The new residents formed a group called "The Merrionette Park Property Owners Assoc.".  
    December 4, 1946 members of the association voted to name the village Merrionette Park.
    December, 1946, 194 residents signed "a petition of election"
    January 17,1947 County Judge issues a court order calling for election.
    January 29, 1947, general meeting of residents to discuss details on Incorporation.
    February 18, 1947, Merrionette Park becomes a Village.
    April 22, 1947, the first Village Board Meeting was held at 11432 Whipple.
The first action taken by the new Village Board was to accept the Water and Sewer System and establish funds from the Property Owners Association.  During the next few years, the Village Board authorized the approval of new street lights and the repair of sewers and streets.  In 1950 the residents passed a $30,000 improvement bond to resurface designated streets.
With Incorporation came annexation of the area.  The new area covered from 115th Street to 119th street, from the Grand Truck Railroad to Central Park (on 119th St).  In May, 1952, E.T. Mahoney developed the property from 115th Street to Parklane Drive. This "southside" subdivision was known as "Mahoney Estates" and consisted of 339 single family homes.
The 1960's saw new development on 118th Street.  The apartments on Kedzie, 115th Street, Meadowlane, and 119th Street. Our own grocery store "Buy Rite" and the Shell and Union gas stations on 115th St and Kedzie.  Stone Brook Plaza at 115th and Kedzie came in the 1970's, along with the much needed Water Tower.  Following was the Stone Brook Mall and its anchor store, Dominick's and Handy Andy.  The extra income the Village received from these malls was used to replace street lights, repave streets and purchase very much needed emergency equipment plus a much deserved pay increase to all Village employees. 
The 1990's found the development of 33 new homes on Merrion Lane, the updated retention pond on Homan and the completion of the then Meyer Medical Pavilion.
The 2010 census taken April l, 2010 certifiies that the Village of Merrionette Park has 1,900 inhabitants.  
The Village of Merrionette Park is a non-home rule community governed by the Illinois State Statues.
Laws and Ordinances are adopted as needed by approval of the Village Board.  A copy of all ordinances
are held at the Clerk's office. (Copies of all ordinances are available for a nominal fee.)  
The FOIA - Freedom of Information Act - (Public Act 83-1013) Public records request form can be found
under the permit/license tab.