The Merrionette Park Fire Department services our community and is a member of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS).  MABAS is a systematic approach to request and receive equipment from our neighbors in a time of need.  

All fire responses within our community ranging from a smoke detector sounding to a structure fire are met with a response from our personnel and our automatic-aid communities.  This ensures we have the proper amount of personnel available on the scene to provide prompt and efficient incident mitigation to our residents. 

2021 was another record breaking year for the fire department.  We finished the year with 1380 calls for service, the most calls ever recorded for our fire department.  51% of our calls for service are medical related such as heart attacks, strokes, difficulty breathing, motor vehicle accidents and general illnesses.

2021 Call Volume - 1380

2020 Call Volume - 1197

2019 Call Volume - 1347

2018 Call Volume - 989

2017 Call Volume - 987

2016 Call Volume - 763

The Merrionette Park Fire Department provides emergency services in the following areas:

  • Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services 
  • Fire Suppression
  • Hazardous Materials Mitigation
  • Technical Rescue
  • Vehicle Extrication

The Merrionette Park Fire Department has members on the following MABAS teams:

  • MABAS 22 Fire Investigators
  • MABAS 22 Hazardous Materials 
  • MABAS 19 Dive
  • Urban Search and Rescue / Illinois Task Force 1

All special team members are required to participate in specialized continuing education to ensure their skills are always maintained. 

Please follow the Merrionette Park Facebook Page for current events occurring with the fire department


Fire Prevention

Fire prevention in any community is of the upmost importance, our community is no different. The Merrionette Park Fire Department conducts fire and life safety inspections at all of the commercial and industrial properties in our community. 

Currently, the inspections are completed using the guidance of the 2015 edition of the International Fire Code and the 2015 NFPA Life Safety Code.

The Merrionette Park Fire Prevention Bureau has conducted pre-fire planning in all of our commercial, industrial and educational occupancies.  Pre-fire planning helps our first responders ascertain various aspects of the building such as lay-out of the occupancy, hazards associated with the occupancy, closest fire hydrant, occupancy levels at different times of the day, etc.  These pre-fire plans are stored in the fire apparatus for quick reference in the event of a fire incident.

2015 Life Safety Code
2015 International Fire Code